S1E07 – Sore Thumb

August 29, 2017

Hailing from our beloved Bay Area, Sore Thumb is a band that sounds like “if Roy Orbison joined a high school punk band.” Check it out!

Sore Thumb played four tunes for us, and these guys were super fun to have in our studio. They were recently nominated for The Deli SF‘s emerging artists of the month, and you can certainly take our word for it to vote for them here.

Don’t miss their next show in downtown Oakland on September 22nd (specific details are in our episode).


Their album is FREE to download if you friend them on any of their social media accounts. They don’t bite…we think. But take our word for it and give it a listen, these guys are bound to go places.

Oh, and in case you’re curious about the picture that Josh refers to in our episode:

Thanks for listening!


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